Adolph and Christine Gross

Husband's Full Name: Adolph Gross 

Husband's Place of Birth: Romania 

Husband's Father's Name: Bernard Gross

Husband's Mother's Name: Hannah Kopp

Husband's Siblings' Names: Robert, Mollie, Jennie

Wife's Full Name:  Christine Rose Rudel

Wife's Place of Birth:  Romania

Wife's Father's Name:  William F. Rudel

Wife's Mother's Name:  Rosina Bietz

Wife's Siblings' Names: Fredrick (Edna Albus), Martha (Martin Olschlager) Lydia (Paul Johnson), Esther, Walter (Elevena Eikorm),

Children's Names: Edna (Dave Krueger); Lavern (Floyd Arndt), Esther (Ray Danielson), Donald (Lena Scott) Margaret (Orval Kuske); Kenneth (Alice Erfle), Wesley (Evelyn Schmidt)

Adolph and Christine Gross were married in Fessenden in 1914. They farmed in Oregon, Canada and Wells County and lived in the Manfred area in the late 1930s and early 1940s at which time their children attended school in Manfred.  In 1942 they left Manfred.  They lived in the house across the yard from John Smiths and later the Mike Thomas family lived on this land south of the tracks. Adolph died in 1960, Christine died in 1974.

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