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Charles B. and Grace Rosetta Hanson

Husband's Full Name:  Charles B. Hanson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: unknown

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Grace Rosetta Melby

Wife's Place of Birth:  Lyon, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Christian Knut Melby

Wife's Mother's Name:  Marit Haas Marken Larson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Clarence, George, Almer, Orvin, Clifford, Agnes, Julius, Olga, Kermit, Lillian, Harriet

Child's Names: Julie May (died 10 days old)

Christine O and Grace M.Hanson.jpg

Christine Ongstad on the left,

Grace Melby Hanson on the right

Charles Hanson was born in Minnesota. He worked as a section foreman for the Soo Line in 1929 and on the steam railroad until about 1935.


In 1919, the Grace's family moved to North Dakota. Grace and Charles were married in 1923. They became very active in the Manfred community and in Vang Lutheran Church. Grace played the organ until she passed away in 1932.

In the fall of 1929, her family returned to a farm in Lyon County.

Grace and Charlie remained in Manfred and lived in the back part of what was then known as the Nelson house. Only Mrs. Nelson lived there at that time.  That home was later purchased by Lars Ostrem. 


The Hansons had only one child, Mary. Mary died in 1929, she was only 10 days old. In 1932, Grace died following a gallstone operation.  She was only 34 years old. Services were at Vang, with the burial at the Vang Cemetery north of Manfred. 

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