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V. Fremont and Mabel Hanson

Husband's Full Name: Victor Fremont Hanson

Husband's Place of Birth: Enderlin, Ransom, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Henry Hanson

Husband's Mother's Name: Julia

Wife's Full Name:  Mabel Eleanor Lokensgard 

Wife's Place of Birth:  Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Oluf Lokensgaard

Wife's Mother's Name:  Anna Christensen

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Child’s Name:  Katherine Louise (Dennis Laux)

Hanson Laux, Kathryn and husband.jpg

Daughter Katherine Louise and

husband Dennis Laux

Fremont Hanson was an early businessman in Manfred. He came from Enderlin originally, and was born there. He purchased the Willborg Store in January 1917 along with Olaf Roble. It was known as the Roble-Hanson Department Store. The store burned down and Fremont joined the boys of the draft in April of 1918 and left for Camp Dodge via the 106 (train). 


The 1920 census lists him as a homeowner and department store merchant, as well as head of the household, and yet unmarried. In 1925 the Hanson and Halvorson business is mentioned in the old Manfred News. It was also noted that he and his wife were members of the Vang Lutheran Church. Mabel was the president of the Ladies Aid in 1925. He was a charter member of Fagerlund Sons of Norway Lodge. In 1926 the Hanson family moved to Minot, ND.


They had they had one daughter Katherine, who was born in 1924.  Kathryn was raised in Robbinsdale, MN and graduated from high school there. She played Clarinet in the high school orchestra. She attended St. Olaf College after which she spent many years in Wisconsin. She married Dennis Laux and their family consisted of daughters Kristine, Karen and Dawn.They had been residents of Colorado Springs since 1996.


Kathryn was a medical technologist. She was a member of the Sons of Norway and enjoyed creating beautiful Rosemaled pieces and intricate Hardanger embroidery.


She was also a member of the Ninety-Nines, an organization of women pilots. They were members of Ascension Lutheran Church in Colorado Springs. 


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