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Tennes and Anna Hauge

IHusband's Full Name: Tennes Hauge

Husband's Place of Birth: Manfred, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Torger J. Hauge

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna Erfjord Hauge

Husband's Siblings' Names: Martha, Albert, Ella, Clarence, George, Martha, Leonard

Wife's Full Name:  Ann Rogness Hauge

Wife's Place of Birth:  Pierce County, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Andrew Rogness

Wife's Mother's Name:  Liva Berg Rogness

Wife's Siblings' Names:  John, Sam, Selmer, Melvin

Anton, Elmer, Martin, Jacob, Baby Girl, Lars, Lars

Children's Names: none

Hauge, Tennes and Anna.jpg

Tennes and Anna Hauge farmed north of Manfred for many years. They were members of the Bethel Lutheran Church.  

When Anna was interviewed at her 100th birthday she remembered working in a cook car. The hours were long from 5 a.m. until 11 p.m. every day. She made pies and doughnuts. "The men liked the doughnuts and pies," she grinned. Hauge took care of her parents for many years. 


She married Tennes Hauge when she was about 40 years old. They lived in the Manfred area. When her husband died in 1962 she moved to Harvey. They did not have any children but cared for six teenage nephews. She was an active member of the Bethel Church near Heimdal where she was baptized and confirmed.


She was very alert and made her own decisions, even at 100 years of age. When she was about 94 years old she decided to live in the nursing home in Harvey.  

Excerpts from January 8, 2002 Herald Press Article by Carrie Opdahl  

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