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Tollef and Bertha Hauge

Husband's Full Name:  Tollef Haugen

Husband's Place of Birth:  Manitowoc, WI

Husband's Father's Name: Knute Haugen

Husband's Mother's Name: Anna Thorsdatter Dovre

Husband's Siblings' Names:  Andrew, Torvald, Sophia, Ragnhild

Wife's Full Name:  Bertha Jomen Haugen

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manitowoc, WI

Wife's Father's Name:  Arne Knudsen Jome

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingeborg Skov Jome

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Sophia, Carl and Gust

Children's Names: Lillian Neuenschwander, Curtis, Alfred, Helmer, Alma, Mabel

Tollef K. Haugen was born to Knute Haugen and Anna Thorson Haugen February 19, 1854 in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. His wife, Bertha Jomen Haugen was born November 25, 1854, also in Manitowoc. They lived in St. Croix County Wisconsin until moving to Manfred, Wells County, in 1904. When they first came they rented a farm from Mr. Haugen's uncle Harold Thorson.


This farm was sold to Angus Fisher. Tollef Haugen bought school and state land, also southwest of Manfred.  While their home was being built, they rented the Ole Hedahl farm north of Manfred, while Mr. Hedahl served as Wells County Auditor. The home the Haugens built was moved to Harvey a few years ago and is still located on the north side.


The Haugens had six children:  1) Lillian, married to Otto Neuenschwander of Fessenden.  They had seven children, Arthur, (killed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on December 7, 1941), Roger, Diane, Bertha, Norman. Wilfred and Lois. 2) Curtis who homesteaded near Salvador, Saskatchewan, Canada (never married). 3) Alfred of Manfred married Mary Roble. They had three children, Maurice, Married Norma Theige; Hadley married Eileen Liebelt, Beatrice, married Calvin Bender. 4) Helmer known as Elmer also homesteaded in Canada and married Elizabeth Ann Hind, a woman born in England,they had two children, Robert and Mabel. 5) Alma married Martin Melby, Manfred; they had 4 children, Myrtle, Kermit, Ellanora and Donald. 6) Mabel, taught elementary school, she did not marry.

Brief sketches of Grandma & Grandpa Haugen from Laurie O'Connor


Grandpa Tollef Haugen was a very tall man, standing 6'5", while Grandmother Berit was quite short. Icky recalls the grandchildren wondered how she managed to get the sugar lumps hidden way up high, out of reach of the children. They lost their first Manfred area farm to a bank foreclosure, and then went to work for the Hedahls for a time. Grandpa managed to buy another 1/2 section, where they built their home. This farm was theirs until they retired, and was later purchased and farmed by Calvin and Beatrice Bender (Alfred Haugen's daughter.)


Tollef did not run any livestock, just the horses needed to farm the ground. As he got up in years, he used to explain, "he had to take a nap every afternoon because the horses needed a rest!”  Tollef was a very capable metal worker, and had a nice forge; he could heat and seam many metals. Like many pioneers who learned to drive automobiles late in life, he could be flustered by the changing technology. Icky Neuenschwander recalls sitting in the back seat with Norman, as Tollef sped down the old road to Harvey, bouncing and careening. His Model T had an accelerator pedal on the floor as well as on the steering column, and Grandpa Tollef did not realize his foot was accelerating as he struggled valiantly to release the hand accelerator! 


For more information on the Haugen Family see the October 2006 issue of The New Manfred News

pages 7-8

Source:  Growing With Pride

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