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Torgeir and Brita Hauge

Husband's Full Name:  Torgeir Johannesson Hauge

Husband's Place of Birth:  Nedre Hauge, Hjelmeland, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Johannes Torgerson

Husband's Mother's Name: Martha Aslaksdtr

Husband's Siblings' Names: Lars, Johannes

Wife's Full Name:  Britha Jarge

Wife's Place of Birth:  Einervold, Hjelmeland, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Leiv Nelson Einervoll

Wife's Mother's Name:  Britha Rasmusder Einervoll

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Siri, Kari, Sissel, Nils, Sofie

Children's Names: John, Torger, Leif Torgerson, Bertha Olson, Karina Alveshere, John, Martha, Andrew, Leif

Torgeir Hauge and his wife Bertha emigrated to the U.S.A. from Stavanger, Norway in 1892, a couple of years after the seventh of their eight children had immigrated. It is known that their daughter Bertha went to Buxton, ND when she came from Norway because she had a brother living there. It is thought that some time after 1894 Torgeir Hauge homesteaded property in Wells County, North Dakota near the homestead of his daughter Bertha and her husband, Carl Olson.


Torgeir's sons, Torger and Andrew and daughter Karina also settled in Wells County while another son, John, farmed in the area of Raub, or Parshall, ND.  None of Torger's family remained in Buxton. Torgeir's daughter Martha remained in Norway because she was married at the time they immigrated. The available information indicates that another son, Leif Torgerson, served on a ship and was lost at sea. Bertha Olson told her daughter Alyce, that he was in Australia the last time the family heard from him. Another account indicates that he was a ship's Captain and that he, his wife and his daughter all perished in an earthquake in San Francisco, California in 1906.  


Torgeir Hauge was a carpenter who made wooden shoes and coffins in Norway. Alyce Olson also heard him speak of going fishing. The name Hauge could possibly have come from the vicinity in Norway north of Stavanger called Haugesund (sund means arm of the sea).  Two of Torger's sons used the traditional sur-names Torgerson and three sons took the name Hauge.

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