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Fredrick and Elizabeth Hoffman

Husband's Full Name:  Frederick Hoffman

Husband's Place of Birth:  Germany

Husband's Father's Name:

Husband's Mother's Name:

Husband's Siblings' Names:

Wife's Full Name:  Elizabeth  

Wife's Place of Birth:  Germany

Wife's Father's Name: 

Wife's Mother's Name: 

Wife's Siblings' Names: 

Children's Names: John, Rudolph and Corma, Erma


Frederick and Elizabeth settled in the Manfred area and are listed in the 1900 US Federal Census of the James River, Wells County, North Dakota. They emigrated from Germany. They were farmers. Frederick was born in April 1858; Elizabeth was born in June of 1867. They were married in 1897.


Three children are listed on the 1910 census – John born 1899, Rudolph born in 1903 and Corma born about 1904, all born in North Dakota, presumably in the Manfred area. 


The 1920 census lists Rudolph in Hillsdale, Wells County, North Dakota census, and in 1930 the census lists Rudolph and his wife Theresa in Township 147 of Sheridan, North Dakota. 


The 1930 Census records indicate that Frederick, Elizabeth and daughter Erma were living in Harvey, Wells, North Dakota, USA.  Erma was born ca 1911.

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