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Joseph and Gertrude Holzer

Husband's Full Name:  Joseph Holzer

Husband's Place of Birth:  Pierce County, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Anton Holzer

Husband's Mother's Name: Helen Klein

Husband's Siblings' Names: Josephine Helen, Peter, Margaret (Joseph Muscha]; Katherine, Anton, Barbara [Frank Muscha]

Wife's Full Name:  Gertrude Susan Weber

Wife's Place of Birth:  Harvey, Wells, North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Stephen Weber

Wife's Mother's Name:  Sybella Heber

Wife's Siblings' Names: Arnold, Adolph, Lawrence, Evelyn, Alvina, Vincent, Alfred 

Children's Names: Helen (Edwin Kost); Marlene (Lester Moen); Joseph (Betty); Isabelle (Ray Henne); Duane, James

Holzer Family (2).jpg

The Holzer children attended Manfred School from 1937-1945 and lived in the Skogmo house north of Manfred. Prior to 1937 they farmed north of Selz, and later south of Harvey. After 1945 they moved to Harvey where Joseph was employed by Wells County in road construction. Later he was employed by the North Dakota Highway Department as a maintenance man and worked there until his retirement in 1967.


They were members of St. Cecelia’s Catholic Church and the Catholic Order of Foresters at Harvey. 

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