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Ole and Mabel Hovey

Husband's Full Name:  Ole Hovey

Husband's Place of Birth:  Griggs County, North Dakota

Husband's Father's Name: Nils Hovey

Husband's Mother's Name: Marit Hovey

Husband's Siblings' Names: Marie, Carl, Julia, Nora

Wife's Full Name:  Mabel Ellingson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Pennock, Kandiyohi, Minnesota

Wife's Father's Name:  Elling T. Ellingson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mary C. Ellingson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Julia, Nettie, Gladys, Alice, Nephi,and child who died as an infant.

Child's Name: Bernice (Paul) Grabe

Hovey, Ole - ann.jpg

Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hovey celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary on Sunday June 20, 1965 at the Vang Lutheran Church in Manfred.

A short program was held in the afternoon with a welcome and congratulation given by Mrs. Vern Nelson, president of the Vang Ladies Aid. A reading by Mildred Ongstad and a solo by Mrs. Oliver Rodne were other numbers on the program. One highlight was a Norwegian solo by Pastor Solberg. It was the same song sung in Norwegian at their wedding a half century ago. Adolph Shirley, president of the Vang Lutheran Church congregation presented the couple with gifts from their friends and relatives.

Mabel Ellingson and Ole Hovey were married at Manfred on December 21, 1914. Carl Hovey of St Paul, brother of the groom was best man and was also able to be present for their anniversary. Their bridesmaid, Marie Hovey is now deceased. Their only daughter Bernice, is now living in Grawn, Michigan.

Present for the anniversary was Carl Hovey of St. Paul. He was accompanied by Sophie Schriver of St. Paul. Paul and Bernice Grabe and their daughter Suzanne (Wilson) of Grawn, Michigan were also present for the occasion.

Taken from 1965 news article on Golden Anniversary for the Hoveys

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