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Jens and Bertha Hustoft

Husband's Full Name:  Jens Hustoft

Husband's Place of Birth:  Imsland, Stavanger, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Johannes Steffenson Hustoft

Husband's Mother's Name: Inger Ingbretson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Margarete, unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Bertha J. Aageson, Hustoft

Wife's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  unknown Aageson

Wife's Mother's Name:  unknown

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Thomas, Rachel Hong and another brother in Norway

Children's Names: Edward J. Hustoft, Selma  (Marshall)Josund, Elizabeth (Fred) Schagunn

Jens J. Hustoft emigrated to the Buxton and Mayville areas about 1887 from Stavanger, Norway. There he worked and finally homesteaded until he decided in 1894 to move on westward to the Manfred community. He sold his homestead in Mayville to his brother-in-law.


He again homesteaded and settled in the Manfred area in 1893. On December 4, 1894, he married Bertha Aageson. She also had immigrated to the Buxton area from Stavanger, Norway in 1890. She worked on the Granden Bonanza farm until her marriage.


They had three children - Edward, Selma (Mrs. M. Josund), and Elizabeth (Mrs. Fred Schagunn).


As early settlers and pioneers, they participated in organizing the Lutheran Church in Manfred and took an active part in many other community affairs.


Source:  Growing with Pride


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