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Irvin and Margaret Iverson

Husband's Full Name:  Irvin J. Iverson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Lyon, Minnesota

Husband's Father's Name: John Iverson

Husband's Mother's Name: Ingebjorg Dovre

Husband's Siblings' Names: Hilda, Rakel, Martha, Eva, Adolph, Josephine, Clarence, Erling, Elmer, Alfred

Wife's Full Name:  Margaret Rogne

Wife's Place of Birth:  Oppland, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Bendik Eriksen Rogne

Wife's Mother's Name:  Kari Knutsdatter Nyhagen

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Carolyn, Emil

Children's Names: Marlow (died age 2), Irene

Irvin Iverson Margaret Rogne Wedding.jpg

Wedding Picture of               Irvin and Margaret

Irvin Iverson and Irene

Irvin Iverson and daughter Irene

Word was received here last week Thursday that Mrs. I. J. Iverson, formerly of Manfred, had passed away at her home at Colorado Springs, Colorado in May 1921. Mrs. I. J. Iverson, formerly Miss Margaret Rogne, of Manfred was born in Norway in 1892. When only nine months of age she came to America with her parents, who located at Manfred where Mr. Rogne took up a homestead.


She lived with her parents until 1915, when she married Irvin J. Iverson. They made their home on a farm northeast of Manfred until last fall, when the farm was rented and they left to find medical aid for the deceased. 


Two children were born to this union, Irene, now four years old, and a son Marlow, who preceded his mother to Eternity last July. Last fall the Iversons left for Minneapolis and Rochester, Minn. and finally went to Colorado Springs, in an effort to improve Mrs. Iverson's health.  Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. Rogne, left for the west some time ago and Miss Caroline Rogne, a sister, who had been teaching in the local schools, left a few weeks ago, and arrived in time to be with her sister when the end came. Mr. Rogne, however, returned to Manfred three weeks ago to attend to springs work there. 

Source:  Obituary

Irvin died in California in 1969. 

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