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Frank and Mary Janisch

Husband's Full Name: Franz Janisch

Husband's Place of Birth: Gerersdorf, Austria

Husband's Father's Name: Paul Janisch

Husband's Mother's Name: Maria Koller

Husband's Siblings' Names: Paul, Anna

Wife's Full Name: Maria Koller Janisch

Wife's Place of Birth: Gerersdorf, Austria

Wife's Father's Name: Michael Koller

Wife's Mother's Name: Maria Pitz

Wife's Siblings' Names: Michael, Frank

Children's Names: 1) Theresa “Grace” (Mike) Seil;

2) Mary (Patrick) O’Neill; 3) Annie (Joseph) Hilbert;

4) Katherine (John) Smith; 5) Josephine (Anton) Breyer;

And 6, 7) twin girls who died in infancy.

Janish Frank.jpg

Frank and Maria were married on February 12, 1890. Their first daughter “Grace” was born in Austria/Hungary. They immigrated to the USA in 1892. Frank worked near Fingal for a year, where their second daughter Mary was born in 1893. Frank was one of the early pioneers of Wells County and homesteaded in Manfred where their other daughters were born. 


Frank was highly respected. He was a butcher, a necessary occupation not only for his family, but also for the other families in the area. 


Maria died in 1925, Frank in 1939. They were buried in the Hillside Cemetery in Fessenden.


Source – Fessenden Centennial Book  1893 - 1993

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