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Mike and Anna Jenny

Husband's Full Name:  Michael Francis Jenny

Husband's Place of Birth:  Durand, WI

Husband's Father's Name: Joseph Jenny

Husband's Mother's Name: Mary

Husband's Siblings' Names: Mrs. John Kraus

and Grace Jenny Donahue

Wife's Full Name:  Anna Katherine Biever

Wife's Place of Birth:  Manfred, ND

Wife's Father's Name:  Mathias Biever

Wife's Mother's Name:  Elizabeth Schneider

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Joseph, Albert, Ella Parries, Mathew, Frank, Josie Breyer

Children's Names: Mattias J., Anna Truedson, Verna Busch McLain, Eleanor Edinger Hovland, Eugene, Marlys Goebel

Jenny 50th Anniversary.jpg

Mike Jenny was born in Durand, Wisconsin. He moved to Minnesota with his parents and later moved to the Manfred area as a young man. He farmed in the Manfred area until retiring and moving into Fessenden.


Anna Biever was born and reared at Manfred.


Father M. J. Harte of Carrington married Mike Jenny and Anna Biever in St. Augustine’s Church of Fessenden on November 19, 1912. Attendants Albert Biever and Mrs. John (Bertha Jenny) Kraus of Orting, Washington.


Six children were born to them, Mathew, Anna, Verna, Eleanor, Gene, and Marlys.


Mike passed away in 1970, Anna passed away in 1975. Anna lived in the Harvey nursing home for two years prior to her death. 

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