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Jacob and Fredericka Koenig

Husband's Full Name:  Jacob Koenig, Jr.

Husband's Place of Birth:  Rosenfeld, Russia

Husband's Father's Name: Jacob Koenig, Sr.

Husband's Mother's Name:  Charlotte Ackerman

Wife's Full Name:  Fredericka Hildenbrand

Wife's Place of Birth:  Borden, Russia

Wife's Father's Name: Jacob Hildenbrand

Wife's Mother's Name:  Elizabeth Hildebrand

Children's Names: Emma Leischner, Lydia Leibelt Schimke, William, John, Edward, Dave, Esther Keller, Jacob, Walter, Fred, Adelie Roth

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Jacob Koenig was born in Rosenfeld, Russia in 1874. He immigrated to the United States from Russia in 1889. Fredericka Hildenbrand was born in Borden, Russia, in 1881 to Jacob and Elizabeth Hildenbrand. They came to the United States in 1889 also.


Jacob and Fredericka were married 1898, making their first home at Goodrich, where Mr. Koenig was engaged in machinery dealership. In 1907, they moved to Manfred Township. In 1912, they purchased land from Mark E. Wilson and began farming. Mr. Koenig was also manager of the Manfred Livestock ShippingAssociation. During the depression years, cattle sold for $15 a head, and hogs wouldn't even pay for the freight to St. Paul. The railroad asked the farmer for more money to cover the remaining freight, but the farmer said he had no money, but he had more hogs. Mr. Koenig also was a member of the elevator board at Manfred for many years.


Jacob and Fredericka had a family of 12 children They are: John (died in infancy), Emma Leischner of Fessenden, Lydia Schimke (deceased), William of Largo, FL, John (deceased), Edward of Fessenden, Dave (deceased), Esther Keller of Harvey, Jacob of San Pablo, CA., Walter (deceased), Fred, living on the home farm at Manfred, and Adeline Roth of Lodi, Calif.


In 1940, Jacob and Fredericka retired from their farming duties and moved to Lodi, California. Mr. Koenig passed away in 1943. Mrs. Koenig moved back to North Dakota and spent her last years at the home of the Good Shepherd in New Rockford, where she passed away in 1965. Mr. and Mrs. Koenig were active members of the Baptist Church of both Lodi and Fessenden.


Source:  Growing With Pride

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