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Knud and Ragnhild Kolasky

Husband's Full Name:  Frank M. Kolasky, Sr.

Husband's Place of Birth  Poland

Husband's Parents  Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Anne Mary Stoos

Wife's Place of Birth:  Rollingstone, Minnesota, USA

Wife's Parent’s Names:  unknown

Children's Names:  Elizabeth (Frank Nilles); Peter, Mary (Stroby); Frank (Ella Moser); Nicholas; Louis; Ann (George Evertz); John L

P. B. Anderson, who filed on his claim in 1892 and brought his family to Manfred Township in the spring of 1893, recalled that there were four settlers who had arrived about three and a half years earlier (ca 1879).  They were Charles Bartz, Frank Kolasky, Jesse Fincher and William Goedecke.


Frank received homestead papers as follows:  11 Jun 1895 in 149.on, Wells, North Dakota, USA; Homestead Land Section: 035; Homestead Meridian: 5th Pm; Homestead Range: 071.0W


In the Old Manfred News, August 1905 issue Frank Kolasky is busy these hot days hauling sand for the new bank building.  Frank also has the job of hauling the brick, of which there will be seven carloads.


In the Old Manfred News, in May 1906 the following article was in local column:  Frank M. Kolasky sold his farm, 320 acres last week to Mark Wilson, the Fessenden land man.  The consideration was $4500.  Frank harvested this year’s crop but Frank, like a good many nowadays, has the Canada fever and will no doubt ship to southern Alberta and make that his future home. 


The 1900 Manfred Census lists the parents and all 8 of the children, the youngest being only 4 months old at the time of census.  Only the oldest was born is Cass County, and buried in 1950 in Harvey. The other children were born in Manfred - James River Crossing of the Mouse River Trail.


The census also says that Frank M. owned a farm and immigrated to the USA in 1875.  Some of the children attended Manfred School from 1898 – 1902. 

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