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John and Emma Kuskee

Husband's Full Name:  John Frederick Kuske

Husband's Place of Birth:  Lake Prairie, Nicolette, MN

Husband's Father's Name:  John Freidrich Kuske

Husband's Mother's Name: Albertina Leistikow

Husband's Siblings' Names: George, Anna, Martha, Amalia, Albertena, William, Henry, Edward, Lillie

Wife's Full Name:  Emma Gutzmer

Wife's Place of Birth:  Minnesota, USA

Wife's Father's Name:  Albert Gutzmer

Wife's Mother's Name:  Augusta Zabel

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Mary, Martha, Paul, Lena, Tillie, Theodore

Children's Names: Elmer, Milton (Leona Sahr), Isla (Herbert Tessem), Elmer (Dorothy Brown), Walter (Virginia Belle Martin)

They lived on the former Skogmo farm north of Manfred. They were active in the EUB church that was located in Manfred for about 5 years in the 1930s. 

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