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Clarence and Lena Nelson

Husband's Full Name:  Clarence Nelson

Husband's Place of Birth:  Stavanger, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: unknown

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: Adolph

Wife's Full Name:  Lena Larson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Sweden

Wife's Father's Name:  Peder Larson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Hansine Larson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  David, Mrs. Simon Johnson, and Edna Larson

Children's Names: Mabel, Walter, Clair, Harley, Lila, Roy, Helen

C Nelson 50th Anniversary 1949 Culbertso

50th Wedding Anniversary with Family

Clarence (Kleng) Nelson, Manfred, came to the United States from Norway when he was 16 years old. After living with relatives in Wisconsin and Northwood he served in the army for 3 years, coming out in 1896. Then he came to Manfred.


The first winter he spent in his homestead shack was very severe. He awoke one morning to find his shack completely covered with snow. Luckily, the door opened inwards and he had a shovel. After he dug himself out and dug his horses out of the barn, he moved in with his sister and family, the Lars Natlands.


In 1899, he married Lena Larson at Manfred, North Dakota.  They farmed on Sections 23 and 14 in Manfred Township.

Lena Larson Nelson

Mrs. Clarence Nelson, nee Lena Larson was born in Sweden in 1880. She came to the United States with her parents at the age of one year.  Her early childhood was spent near Cummings, ND.  In the early nineties her family came to Wells County where her father filed on a homestead, near what is now Heimdal. Here she resided until 1899 when she became the bride of Clarence Nelson, who farmed near Manfred. Here she lived for almost half a century, 48 years to be exact. With her husband, she helped to convert the early home into a beautiful farmstead. It was here their children; four sons and three daughters were born and grew to maturity.


Mrs. Nelson was a member of the Vang Lutheran Church and of the Vang Ladies Aid. She served as president of the Aid and she was happy to take an active part in its up building. Being interested in all church activities she gave freely of her time and was ever ready to lend a helping hand.


In 1947, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson retired from active farming and made Glasgow, Montana their home. It was here they celebrated their Golden Wedding Day in 1949 in the presence of several children and other relatives who reside in Glasgow, and other relatives and friends from North Dakota.


In 1950, Mrs. Nelson passed away at Rochester, Minnesota, after an illness of five months. She was laid to rest on the fifth of May in a Glasgow, Montana cemetery.

Mrs. Clarence Nelson's story was written by Sennev Nertrost Whipple

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