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Joseph and Anna Le Grand

Husband's Full Name:  Joseph Alfred Le Grand

Husband's Place of Birth:  Stora Harrie, Skane, Sweden

Husband's Father's Name:  Jean Louis (Ludvig) Le Grand

  Husband's Mother's Name: Christina Svensdotter

Husband's Siblings' Names: unknown

Wife's Full Name:  Anna Kristina Lindstrom

Wife's Place of Birth:  Svartbjorsbyn, Overlulea, Sweden

Wife's Father's Name:  Lars Lindstrom

Wife's Mother's Name:  Kaisa Carlson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Charlotte

Children's Names: Axel, Astrid, Inez, Sarah, David, Hulda, Gertrude, Harry, Clara

Joseph and Anna Le Grand.jpg

In 1894, Joseph and Anna moved to the new community of Manfred taking up a homestead there, farming there and Anna was also a mid wife. The earliest school records from 1895 list two of their children Hulda and Gertrude attending, with Sarah, David, Harry, and Clara also listed in succeeding years. The first wedding of their children which was for Esther, took place in 1895. The year 1896 was significant as well, with Joseph and his family becoming citizens of the United States. In 1905 Joseph and Anna also obtained land at Denhoff, as did their daughter Hulda, after which they frequented both Manfred and Denhoff. 


On June 15, 1906, Joseph and Anna sold 80 acres of their river bottom land near Manfred: the south 40 acres to their son Axel for land adjacent to his homestead and the north 40 acres to S. G. Klev. Joseph and Anna intended to made Denhoff their permanent residence with their daughter Hulda, however, on September 2, 1906 Joseph died.


His obituary follows: “Joseph Le Grand died last Saturday night at the home of his daughter Hulda near Denhoff. Joseph was born in Sweden 70 years ago next February, and emigrated to this country and was living at Northwood until 1894 when he came to Manfred and took up a homestead, which he farmed until last spring, with the exception of a few years when he was in the hotel business in Manfred. He led a quiet and peaceful life and will be remembered with respect by all who knew him. His remains were buried at the cemetery at Denhoff. "

When they had sold some of their land at Manfred, they hadn’t sold their home located near the home of their son Axel so this is where Anna stayed. As she grew older, she didn’t like to stay alone anymore, so her granddaughter Evelyn would come over each evening to spend the night with Anna. Sometimes Anna would tell her stories about life in Sweden such as doing laundry only twice a year, in the spring and in the fall when they changed from winter to summer clothing and from summer to winter clothing. During those big laundry times, the neighbors would all come to help. Because Anna spoke only Swedish, Evelyn didn’t always understand everything her grandmother said. Through the years, Anna would visit her married children and stay with each of them for several weeks. She was remembered as being a very sweet, kind, and quiet person. Anna died October 2, 1923 and is buried at Vang Cemetery north of Manfred. Joseph and Anna have many descendants in various parts of Canada and the USA, but there are none to carry on the Le Grand family name. Of their three sons: Harry did not marry, David left Edmonton for the Yukon gold fields in 1908 with no word from him after 1910, and none of Axel’s sons had any male descendants.

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