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Fred and Anna Lindbo

Husband's Full Name:  Gotfred Rudolph Lindbo

Husband's Place of Birth:  Rock Prairie, Grand Co, MN

Husband's Father's Name: Gullik Torsteinsen Lindbo

Husband's Mother's Name: Ragnhild Sætra Vigen

Husband's Siblings' Names: Nina, Thomas, Gilbert, Milfred, Clarence, Agnes

Wife's Full Name:  Anna Sophia Ongstad

Wife's Place of Birth:  Pelican Rapids, MN

Wife's Father's Name:  Hans Peder Hendrickson

Wife's Mother's Name:  Nicoline Olson

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Hilda, Clara, Alfred, Emil, Henry, Olaf, Oscar,

James, Lottie, Ida, Minnie, Edna

Children's Names: Floyd and Gordon

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Fred, Floyd, Anna and Gordon Lindbo

Anna Sofia Ongstad was born March 26, 1887 near Pelican Rapids, the fifth child of Hans and Nicoline Ongstad.  At first, she worked as a domestic in various Minnesota cities. Anna eventually gravitated to the Manfred, North Dakota area where she worked as a ‘house helper’ for various people. It was there that she met Gotfred (Fred) Rudolph Lindbo and they married February 24, 1920 at Manfred.  At that time, Fred was working for Olaf Anderson who ran the livery stable in Manfred. 


Fred was born January 13, 1893 at Rock Prairie in Grant County, Minnesota to Gullik Torstenson Lindbo and Ragnhild Knutsdotter Sattra Vigen.  Gullik later moved to the Manfred area near present day Heimdal, joining Vang Lutheran Church in 1897.  In 1902, Vang Lutheran divided into two congregations due to the large geographical area it served, and Gullik became a charter member of East Vang Lutheran Church.  A painting, by Manfred pioneer and folk artist Nennie Johnson, Gullik won at a raffle sponsored by the Fagerlund Sons of Norway, has been given to the Manfred Heritage Museum by his grandson Floyd enabling this historic painting to return to the place where it had been created. 


 Anna and Fred were members of Vang Lutheran, and lived in the Manfred area 1920-1943. Their son Floyd recounts, “My parents moved to a farm about two and a half miles northeast of town known as Paul’s place. In 1922, they rented a farm later known as ‘Lonesome’ two miles further north. This place was, I believe, owned by Irvin Iverson.  I was born on that farm February 11, 1923, and exactly a year later my brother Gordon was born.  In 1929, we moved again, having rented the C.C. Melby farm (now known as the Flick farm.) 


We were there until the fall of 1935 when we rented the Albert Biever place a half mile south of town. My parents lived there until about 1943, when they purchased their first farm four miles east of Bremen.” 


Anna and Fred later moved to New Rockford, and in 1954 moved to Everett, Washington. Fred died at Everett, Washington on December 11, 1977, and Anna on February 7, 1980.  Their son Floyd and wife Cecile (Yetts) had three children: Darrell, Larry, Jeffrey. Seven grandchildren. Gordon and his wife Vergie (Mallam) had two children, Janis and Jean. Four grandchildren. Gordon died in 1991. Floyd’s wife Cecile died in 1994 and his son Larry died in 2004.

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