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Frank and Anna Mattis

Husband's Full Name:  Frank Mattis

Husband's Place of Birth:  Dresden, Germany

Husband's Father's Name: Frank Hedwig Mattis

Husband's Mother's Name: unknown

Husband's Siblings' Names: Thorvald, Inga, Mabel, Clara, Hilda  and Alma

Wife's Full Name:  Gina Hedahl

Wife's Place of Birth:  Øystre Slidre, Opplund, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Ole Svenson Hedahl

Wife's Mother's Name:  Ingrid Jorstad

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Sven, Conrad, Oscar, Clara, Emma, Edwin, Edith

Children's Names: Frank Jr.

2nd Wife:  Anna Skaar Jorstad

Mattis Gina (2).jpg

Gina Hedahl Mattis

Skaar, Anna (2).jpg

Anna  Mattis,

2nd Wife

Gina Hedahl was born in Øystre Slidre, Valdres, Norway to Ole S and Ingrid Hedahl immigrating to the USA in 1893 with her parents and brother Swen.  As a young child she and her parents and brother lived first at Fergus Falls, Minnesota and then Twin Valley, Minnesota before moving to Manfred in 1895 where her father filed on a homestead.  Gina attended the one-room school at Manfred, finisher her schooling in Fessenden when the family located there because her father was elected to a county position at the Wells County Court House.  Later, Gina began working in the Register of Deed’s office in Fessenden.  According to the published diary of Clara Hedahl.  Gina was rooming with her sister Clara and Gladys Ranum in 1916 when they were attending Fessenden High School.


In 1917, Gina resigned her position at the courthouse, and together with several friends filed on homesteads near Malta, Montana.  She fulfilled the homesteading requirements during the years 1917-1919.  The same year Gina had begun homesteading, her future husband, Frank Mattis was working in New Rockford, ND.  He was born in German, son of Frank Hedwig Mattis. At the age of six Frank came to the USA with his parents and settled in the New Rockford area.  A few years later the family returned to Germany where Frank was confirmed in the Lutheran Church.  A short time later he returned to the United States, started farming settling in the Manfred and Esmond area. Though one of his hands was badly crippled due to a childhood accident with a gun, Frank didn’t let this hold him back and was able to do everything himself.


On December 24, 1925, Gina Hedahl and Frank Mattis were married at Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.  For some years they lived on the Hedahl farm north of Manfred where their son Frank, Jr. “Frankie” was born Sept 18, 1926. Frankie started school at Manfred in 1932 and finished his elementary schooling there in 1940. In1946 Frank and Gina purchased a farm of their own just southwest of Manfred. Gina had her home decorated nicely and was often found working on various kinds of stitchery handwork.


Frank Jr. died suddenly November 30, 1947.  He was a young man full of promise, attending the state university in Fargo at the time of his passing.  His mother Gina never fully recovered from the shock of the untimely death of their only child.  Gina died July 9, 1953.  She was laid to rest beside her son in Vang Cemetery. 


After Gina died, her husband Frank continued to farm in the area. On June 18, 1965 he married Anna Skaar Jorstad at First Lutheran Church in Fessenden. Anna was born November 8, 1902 in Heimdal, ND. Her first marriage had been to Olaf Jerstad. Frank and Anna lived in Fessenden and in 1966 Frank retired. They were Members of First Lutheran Church, Fessenden and also of the Manfred Fagerlund Sons of Norway Lodge. 


Frank died August 18, 1976 and is buried beside Gina and their son Frank, Jr. Anna Skaar Jerstad Mattis died August 8, 1977 and is buried beside her first husband Olaf Jerstad in the East Vang Cemetery north of Fessenden. 

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