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Henry and Tess McBain

Husband's Full Name:  Henry McBain

Husband's Place of Birth:  Sacramento, CA

Husband's Father's Name: Hugh Alexandra McBain

Husband's Mother's Name: Agnes Johnson McBain

Husband's Siblings' Names: William

Wife's Full Name: Tessie Hollar McBain

Wife's Place of Birth:  North Dakota

Wife's Father's Name:  Israel Jackson Hollar

Wife's Mother's Name:  Cora Lee Zirkle

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Annie, Charles, Jack, Ollie, Rosebud, Sallie, Jerret Biever

Children's Names:  James and Bernard

2nd Wife’s Name:  Margaret Janssen McBain

Children’s Names:  Jeanne Flick, Ronald, Harris, Delbert, Roger and Dale

McBain Henry and Tess.jpg

Henry McBain, at the age of 2, moved with his parents to Ontario, Canada. He came to the Fessenden community in March 1900 with only 50 cents in his pocket.  He got a job at T. L. Quarves chopping wood. Albert Lane came into town, saw the young man chopping wood, and offered him a job on his farm. Mr. McBain worked for Mr. Lane and Hamp Lyness until September 17, 1904 when he homesteaded in St. Anna Township about six miles west of Fessenden.


McBain raised register Jersey cattle, Shetland ponies, while gees, Canadian ducks and peacocks. At one time he had a Brahma bull and cow. He was a lover of horses and cattle.


Henry McBain married Tesse Hollar of Fessenden in 1905 and they were the parents of two sons, James and Bernard.


In 1935 he married Margaret Janssen. To this union one daughter Jeanne and five sons Ron, Harris, Delbert, Roger and Dale were born. Mr. McBain passed away on June 1, 1962.

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