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C.C. and Anna Melby

Husband's Full Name:  Kristen Kristenson Rogne Melby

Husband's Place of Birth:  Valdres, Norway

Husband's Father's Name: Kristen Mikkjelsen Rogne

Husband's Mother's Name: Guro Gudbrandsdtr Bustebakke

Husband's Siblings' Names: Guri Rudi, Gudbrand, Kristen, Marit, Guri Opdahl, Torstein, Kristen

Wife's Full Name:  Annie Olsdotter Stokkebryn Melby

Wife's Place of Birth:  North Aurdal, Norway

Wife's Father's Name:  Ola Olsen Stokkebryn

Wife's Mother's Name:  Mali Knutsdotter Rogne

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Ole, Ingrid Jorstad,

Ingebjørg Meisedalen, Knut

Children's Names: Gena Flick, Clarence, Clara Shearer, Anne Cook

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Kristen immigrated to the USA in 1880. In the USA, Kristen first used Rogne for his last name, as indicated on his marriage recorded at the courthouse, but he soon became known as C.C. Melby.


Christian C. Melby was born in Valdres, Norway and as a young man immigrated to the United States as did his two sisters and his brother, T. K. Rogne, who was Manfred's first Postmaster.


C. C. first located east of the town of McHenry on a tree claim. In the early 1890's he filed on a homestead north of Manfred, soon to be followed by Anna Stokkebryn, who homesteaded next to his land.  They later were married and continued to farm and build up a large farmstead as well as holdings. He built the first large hip roof barn in the area and was instrumental in the immigration of many of his countrymen, paying their fare and employing them until they worked it off and were able to be set up in various occupations.


He was an early builder and promoter of Manfred. He built the largest store in Manfred, with groceries, dry goods, hardware and a furniture store on the ground floor. The top floor consisted of offices, apartments and a large hall for social events. One such office was that of Dr. P.A. Boyum who had his office there before he moved to McKenzie County.


C. C. Melby later acquired an alfalfa ranch east of Lancaster, California, and a duplex in Riverside, California. Their two youngest daughters Ann and Clara later owned these properties.


C. C. and Anna also had a son Clarence, who at the age of two met a tragic death. As a two year old, he watched everything and noticed his mother set a cup up high in the cupboard, so when she turned her back he climbed up and drank it. It was lye that she was using to wash clothes with. There was no way to save him.


Their oldest daughter, Gena who was born September 10, 1895, went to Montana to homestead in 1916 with many other young people from the Manfred area. There she endured many hardships as they all did.  She married another homesteader, Ray S. Flick who had moved to the same area.


C.C. Melby died in San Pablo, California.


Source:  Growing With Pride 

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