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About Us

    Manfred shows the story of the pioneer spirit and life and also the passion of the dedicated individuals currently working to save the town. 

     In the early 1890s, the Manfred area was settled primarily by Norwegian and German immigrants seeking a better way of life. Through determination, those early pioneers built their homesteads and found life in the Manfred area to be good.

     In 2000, Manfred History and Preservation Inc was founded and preservation efforts were begun to safeguard the history for future generations. These efforts have continued throughout the years and will continue far into the future. 

     In 2017, Manfred Historic District was honored to be listed in the National Register of Historic Places as "an excellent example of an agricultural town that showcases both the rise and decline that was common of rural towns." It was noted by the National Review Board regarding this nomination that "it's about time that small town America be recognized, which has for too long been basically forgotten and neglected."


    Visitors are invited to come experience for themselves this delightful small town America!

Meet our Board

Board of Directors:

Audrey Solheim, Chair

Pam Norstedt, Vice Chair

Judy Weigelt, Secretary

Richard Melchert, Treasurer

Wanda Melchert, Museum Director

Pete Anderson

Rose Anderson

Verna Bowers

Lewis Weigelt

Manfred Founder's Day

July 15th 2000



Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. was founded July 25, 2000, and received its Certificate of Incorporation on August 10, 2000.

We have published our Articles of Incorporation, which outline the reasons for our creation and the goals we seek to achieve.

 Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


Mission Statement:

The mission of Manfred History and Preservation, Inc. is to celebrate the heritage of Manfred, ND and to share the legacy of rural America through the Manfred Heritage Museum. 

If you have questions about our purpose or business, please contact us and let us know.

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