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Eilert and Tillie Nelson

Husband's Full Name:  Eilert Norman Nelson

Husband's Place of Birth: Manfred Township, ND

Husband's Father's Name: Knut E Nelson

Husband's Mother's Name: Randi Ulberg Nelson

Husband's Siblings' Names: Ida, Anna

Wife's Full Name:  Ottilla Ramstad Nelson

Wife's Place of Birth:  Hatton, ND

Wife's Father's Name: Erik Ramstad

Wife's Mother's Name:  Marie Sletten

Wife's Siblings' Names:  Gunder, Carl, Gilman, Evelyn, Lillian,

Orville, Ernest, Sanford, Leonard, Wallace, Elnor

Children's Names:  none

e and t nelson.jpg

Eilert was associated with his father Knut Nelson in the farming enterprise ever since he was old enough to help out, and he took over full operations after his father's death in 1947. He owned the place jointly with his mother until her death. 


This farm was located in Manfred Township, just three miles north of Manfred along the county road. The farm unit comprises some 520 acres, of which 425 are under cultivation. The family owned considerably more acreage at one time, but sold out some of their holdings several years ago to bring the farmstead into operating size for one man and one set of machinery.


Eilert had about 30 head of cattle on the place, and also kept four head of horses - almost a record in those days. He combined most of his crop, but also threshed some of his own grain to get a supply of straw, and has also did some custom threshing for his neighbors. The barn was built in 1915 and other buildings added including the granaries, machine shed, blacksmith shop, chicken house and garage. The last additions to the house were made in 1926.


Eilert married Tillie Ramstad of Hatton in March of 1936. He served as a deacon at Vang Lutheran Church. He died in 1976.


Tillie grew up and attended school near her farm home near Hatton. After her marriage to Eilert they lived and farmed north of Manfred. She moved into Harvey in 1977 and entered the St. Aloisius Nursing Home in March of 1994. She was a member of Vang Lutheran Church and was active in the Ladies Aid and as a Sunday School Teacher. She died in 1995.

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