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Manfred came to exist because people deemed it a good place to have a railroad stop along the Soo Line. The township (6mi x 6mi) came to have a peak population in the 1920s because of people. Manfred exists as it does today because of people. 

People are important. Read more about them.


Aarthun, Erling and Helen

Aasand, Anton and Emma

Aasand, Stener and Bergette

Adams, Roy and Ella 

Albrecht, Clifton and Audrey

Alveshere, Clarence and Lena

Alveshere, Loren and Kathy

Alveshere, Theodore and Karina

Alveskjær, Bård and Martha

Anderson, Esther

Anderson, Frank and Gertrude

Anderson, Gordon and Christy

Anderson, Olaf and Caroline

Anderson, Perry and Lauri

Anderson, Perry and Lilly

Anderson, Pete and Rose

Anderson, Peter and Anna

Anhorn, Chris and Marion

Anhorn, Johannes and Christina

Anhorn, Matthew and Emelia

Antonson, Anton and Bertha


Bartsch, Charles and Katharina

Beiseker, T.L. and Clara
Bender, Calvin and Beatrice
Bendickson, Glen and Nancy
Bendickson, Martin and Olga
Bendickson, Marvin
Berge, Issac and Gina
Bergh, Melvin and Theresa
Bergsgaard, Otto and Petronella
Berve, Casper and Selma
Berve, Eilert
Berve, Ole and Anna
Berve, Oliver and Agnes
Biever, Albert and Lucy
Biever, Mathias and Elizabeth
Biever, Matt and Jerret
Biever. Joe and Katie
Bjornsen, Nils
Boeker, Conrad
Boese, Ervin and Evelina
Boese, Gustav and Augusta
Boese, Harley and Lydia
Boese, Louis and Ella
Boese, Wesley and Esther

Bowers, Verna
Boyum, Peter A. and Manda
Braaten, Ernest and Eva
Braaten, Ole and Inga
Braaten, Oscar and Marit
Braaten, Taale
Braget, Mernie and Irene
Brecto, Ole A. and Charlotte
Breyer, Donald and Lillian
Breyer, Tony and Josephine
Broe, Sver and Engebor M
Bråtvar, Olaus and Charlotte
Bundt, Emil M. and Minnie
Burkum, Lars and Guri
Burkum, Lester


Christensen, G. M. and Geoline 
Christensen, Marvin
Christiansen, Paul


Dahle, Gullik and Margit
Deede, Hildor and Nellie
Deede, Phillip and Hilda
Detling, Matt and Mary
Dingman, J. B. and Frances
Dovre, Knut and Mathilda
Dybing, Clarence and Clara
Dybing, George and Tillie
Dybing, Tannes and Ingrid


Ehni, Ellery and Arlene
Eidesvik, E. S. and Carolyn

Eilertson, Eilert

Eilertson, Ole

Eilertson, Osmund

Eilertson, Selmer
Ekrem, Severin and Agnes
Elsaas, John and Julia
Elton, Magnus and Anna
Erfjord, Svend and Sofie
Erickson, Andrew and Julia


Fandrich, Roy and Lucille
Fehr, Bert and Mary
Fehr, Eilert and Marie
Fiebick, Rudolph and Augusta
Fincher, Herbert and Eliza
Fincher, Jesse and Julia
Fisher, Arnold and Helen

Fisher, Art and Ruth
Fisher, Donald and Evelyn
Fisher, Guy and Lina
Fisketjon, Kolbein and Gurina
Fjeld, Nels O.
Fjerestad, Charles and Lillian
Flatlien, Andrew and Marit
Flick, Edgar and Jeanne
Flick, Ray and Gena
Flick, Roger and Darlene
Fonkalsrud, A. O. and Anna
Foss, Leslie and Connie
Froeber, John and Veronica
Frovig, Ole and Ida


Gartland, Erick
Garver, James and Myrtle
Gilbertson, Knut and Kari
Gladheim, Ole and Clara
Goedecke, Wilhelm and Anna
Grane, Sven and Natalie
Gross, Adolph and Christine


Haluska, Anton and Martha
Hanson, Charles and Grace Rosetta Melby 
Hanson, Fremont and Mabel
Hanson, Gust and Martha

Hanson, Lars and Gertrude

Harrison, Victor and Louella
Hauge, Tennes and Anna
Hauge, Torgeir and Britha
Hauge, Torger T. and Anna

Haugen, Mabel
Haugen, Tollef and Bertha
Hedahl, Edwin
Hedahl, O. S. and Ingrid
Helgerud, Henry and Betsy
Helland, Jacob and Martha
Hieb, Rudolph and Martha
Hirschkorn, Dan and Bertha
Hirschkorn, Dick and Emma
Hirschkorn, Roy and Lillian
Hoel, Anton and Oline
Hoffmann, Frederick and Elizabeth
Hoffmann, Johan P and Paulina
Holzer, Joseph and Gertrude
Hoover, Warren and Bielda
Hovey, Marie
Hovey, Nils and Marit

Hovey, Ole and Mabel
Hukee, S. O. and Julia
Hustoft, Ed and Myrtle
Hustoft, Jens and Bertha 


Iverson, Margaret Rogne 


Jacobson, James and Norma

Jacobson, Rasmus and Margit
Janisch, Frank and Mary 
Jenny, Mike and Anna
Johnson, John and Malena
Johnson, Leslie and Olga
Johnson, Nennie and Alpha
Johnson, Russell and Mary
Jorstad, Nels and Gunhild
Jorstad, Ole 
Jorstad, Richard
Jorstad, T. T. and Ragndi
Jorstad, Ted 


Kittleson, Violet and Harley
Klev, Jacob
Kodalen, Evind and Esther
Koenig, Fred and Marlys
Koenig, Jacob and Fredericka
Kolasky, Frank M. and Anne Mary

Kopseng, Clarence and Olive
Kopseng, Knut and Ragnhild

Kuske, John and Emma


Lageson, Ernest and Dorothy
Langseth, John and Anna
Larson, Art and Edna
Larson, Kermit and Bev
Larson, Walter and Mayme
Le Grand, Joseph and Anna
Lee, Sidney J and Charlotte
LeGrand, Axel and Jennie
Lindbo, Fred and Anna
Lindbo, Gullik and Ragnhild
Lithun, Ed and Pauline


Mathre, Gerhard and Esther
Mattis, Frank and Gina
McBain, Henry and Tess
McCain, Norman and Harriet
Melaas, Gulbran and Anna
Melby, C.C. and Anna
Melby, C.K. and Mary

Melby, Gene and Betty

Melby,  Gilbert and Esther

Melby, Kermit and Lillian
Melby, Knud and Guri
Melby, Knute and Josephine
Melby, Martin and Alma
Melby, O.K. and Mary
Melby, Oscar and Bertha
Moen, Martin and Clara
Myhre, Helge and Bertha


Natland, Lars and Tomine

Nelson, Albert and Rose
Nelson, Clarence and Lena
Nelson, Eilert and Tillie
Nelson, Emil and Olea
Nelson, George and Alma
Nelson, John P and Emma
Nelson, Knute and Randi
Nelson, Vern and Bernice
Nertrost, Mads and Sigrid
Nertrost, Nels and Cora
Neuenschwander, Calvin and Myrtle
Nordtorp, Emma
Nordtorp, Gullik and Ragnhild


Olschlager, Martin and Martha
Olsen, Halvor and Martha
Olson, Carl and Bertha
Olson, Talmer and Myrtle
Olstad, Ed and Celia

Ongstad, Bill and Anne

Ongstad, Herbert and Margaret
Ongstad Oscar and Christine
Ongstad, Sam and Amy
Ongstad, Sofus and Rena
Onstad, Emil and Linda
Onstad, Ole and Gina
Opdahl, Dale and Shirley
Opdahl, Edwin and Sophie
Opdahl, Peder and Kristine
Ostrem, Even and Kjersti
Ostrem, Lars
Overland, Tom and Ingebord
Overrein, Nels and Oliana
Owen William R and Johanna


Peterson, Rudolph and Nora


Ranum, Juel and Guri
Ranum, Ole and Guri
Ravnaas, Ingvald and Olida
Ravnaas, Ivar
Ravnaas, Morris and Joyce
Reichenberger, Art and Betty
Reistad, Reier
Renden, Jens and Marie
Rittmiller, Erv and Arlene
Roble, Christ and Anna
Roble, Olaf and Nina
Roble, T. O. and Guri
Robøle, Ole H.
Rodacker, Roy and Esther
Rodne, Arthur
Rodne, Berger and Olive
Rodne, Haldor and Delia
Rodne, Ole J. and Maggie
Rodne, Ole L. and Anna
Rodne, Oliver and Inga
Rodne, Otto
Rodne, Selmer and Nora
Rogelstad, Leonard and Mary

Rogne, Bendik and Kari

Rogne, Erik and Marit
Rogne, T. K. and Mary
Rogness, Andrew and Liva
Rogness, Jacob and Norma
Rogness, John and Edna
Rogness, Sam and Myrtle
Rognlie, Paul and Inez
Rudi, Ole H. and Anna


Satterberg, Arvid and Marit
Schepp, Emil and Lena 
Schlenker, Jake and Evelyn 
Schmitcke, August and Fredericka
Schmitz, Mark and Bonnie
Seidlinger, George and Violet
Shefveland, Martin and Regina 
Shirley, Adolph 
Shirley, Emil and Anna 
Skogmo, Anton and Johanna
Sletten, Otto and Marit
Smith, John and Katie 
Soderback, Erik and Augusta
Solberg, Alvin and Mildred
Solberg, Andrew P. and Kjersti
Solheim, Helmer and Annie
Solheim, Severt and Bertha

Sommer, Eldon and Emily

Sommer, Vernon and Elizabeth
Sommer, Virgil and Irene
Sommerfeld, Fred and Lorraine
Sorenson, Benjamin and Maggie
Sorenson, Ed and Stella 
Stradinger, Christian S. and Elizabeth
Strauss, Don and Shirley 
Strauss, Joe and Ida 
Syverson, Selmer and Lillian 


Tansem, Olaf and Sarah
Tessem, Haaken and Anna
Thomas, Louie and Rose
Thomas, Mike and Julia 


Ulrich, Jacob and Evelyn 


Vorland, Herbert and Mary 


Wagner, Lawrence and Agnes

Weigelt, Lewis and Judy 

Weigelt, Henry and Pauline
Weinmann, Herman J. and Cora
Weiss, Christian  
Whipple, B. and Sennev
Widiger, Reiner and Ruth
Wiege, Arthur and Lydia
Willborg, S. N. and Sofie
Wolding, Olaf and Ragnhild
Wolf, John and Delores 

These biographies were prepared by Manfred History and Preservation.

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